Number Look Ups

All Number Query gives you instant verification of provided number types over a variety of communication channels (API, ENUM, FTP and GUI) with responses in milliseconds. For more information please contact

Data Exposure

Do you have data you wish to make available securely to relevant stakeholders? Contact us to help you monetize and make the data available Accurately, Securely and provided in a Timely manner. For more information please contact

Data Analytics

Our access to large volumes of diversified data along with our intelligent algorithms has enabled us build and apply real-time analytics for our clients thus enabling more intelligent decisions and timely responses to business opportunities. For more information please contact

What we offer

High-speed number query
  • Number Queries are carried out at a very high speed across all channels.
Single/Multi-Number Search
  • Ability to make a single or multiple number searches with each query submission
  • Real time access to look up logs and reports across all channels.
  • Access to Search History information
  • Audit trail report
Service Rating
  • Flexible rate based on lookup volume
  • Discount for high volume searches
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Pricing based on datatype searched
  • Pre-paid billing
  • Automatic invoice/statement generation
  • Automatic Account top up
  • Online payment and settlement
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reconciliation on lookup activities and balance statement
  • Multiple levels of security and data protection is in place to assure security of data and restricted access to relevant stakeholders.

What you get

  • Accurate management of number data.
  • Timely information on number details.
  • Reduction in costs associated with management or delivery of services to the associated numbers.
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Access to timely, accurate and updated information of customers
  • Increase the ability to address and monitor regulatory compliance
  • Flag suspicious transactions for further review and is better equipped to prevent fraud effectively
  • Improve the ability to target products and services to prospects or customers
  • Efficiency in the delivery of services to customers.
  • High speed query.
  • Flexibility in carrying out number look ups via multiple channels (FTP, API, ENUM,GUI)
  • Releases the burden of search operation on your server as your server resources remain free to fulfill other requests.
  • It keeps track of all users’ searches via the search history capability which can serve as input for other analysis.
  • Minimal capex with pay as you go model