All Number Query (ANQ) was developed to provide easy and quick access to information on various number/data resources. The ANQ solution was initially setup to help resolve the issues caused by Number Portability, however the simple desire for more efficient and effective performance of duties, has increased the need for accessing specific number information centrally, accurately and in real-time. The ANQ solution has helped to properly identify the network that specific numbers belonged to along with other relevant information on numbers and other data types. Other services being offered are:

Number Verification and Validation Service
This service allows businesses with a large customer database have up to date and accurate information of their customers contact details (mainly Mobile number). With this service they can determine the status and network location of numbers attributed to customers, thus ensuring efficient and accurate communication. By querying our database businesses and organizations can validate their customer’s numbers to know their status (active, inactive, valid or invalid). Number validation is important for accurate, timely and secure communication. The data also helps to insure that the organization is speaking to the proper customer.
Fraud Prevention Service
Our fraud prevention services uses our intelligent algorithms combined with multiple data points to help determine potentially fraudulent activities that need to be reviewed for compliance. and this can be done real-time regardless of transaction volumes.
Data Analytics
Our centralization of and access to large volumes of diversified data along with our processing capacity and intelligent algorithms has enabled us to build and apply real-time analytics on data that is being searched against or provided thus enabling more intelligent decisions and timely responses to business opportunities. Our existing analytics ensures a major competitive advantage to any industry player and we are able to also build new analytics to suit varying scenarios.
Geo-Location Service
Using non invasive location information allows businesses to know their customers and where to better serve them. This service provides an efficient way to know customer’s location information to prevent fraud. The service uses customer’s general location to make informed business decisions on resource allocation for optimal service provision and is an effective way to perform market analysis to determine the best location for your service centers and branches.


We provide you with multiple secure channels for connectivity to query our database:

  • Graphic user interface (GUI): Web based interface that allows clients interact with our platform. This channel supports HTTP web page lookup and CSV file upload for ease of bulk lookup.
  • Application Programmable Interface (API): The application connects to the Internet and sends data to our platform. Our system retrieves the data, interprets it, and responds with the required information. This channel supports both the XML format and JSON format.
  • ENUM Response format: Using our ENUM interface supported on TEXT and NAPTR format we are able to process a destination number lookup in an IP-based addressing scheme and provide a routing solution.
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP): This channel is used for the transfer of files between clients and our platform.